Volunteer Opportunities

Helping Hands:

It seems that all of us in the PN Plantation at some time or another have a small or large job that we need to have done and the first place that we like to go and maybe the best place to go is to ask our Neighbors if they know anyone that can help and be trusted.


For Small Jobs, it seems that about 15 years ago, the HOA had such a list for small jobs like Baby Sitting, Pet Sitting, and small chores around the house in which a number of Teenagers or others of all ages who wanted to help out in the community were on the list. Of course, 15 years ago is a long time and today we do not have a list and we do not have anyone at the moment to oversee and manage the list.


We can use a mature volunteer to help us put a list together, oversee and manage the list. It would be the responsibility of the Homeowners to contact the people on the list and make a fair deal for the services and to provide our list volunteer with a rating and referral of the quality of the work that was done. Neighbor helping neighbor is a wonderful thing and we might be able to give some teenagers a maturing experience.

Any Volunteers out there? Please contact the Chairman of the communication committee at XXXXX email

For Larger Jobs, we are still considering how to work this out for local referrals but we know a number of our neighbors have used the following web sites to find help: