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From the HOA Board:

Welcome all Porters Neck Plantation HOA members!! We are fellow HOA members and your neighbors who as Board members are elected by you and as committee members are non-elected. All of us are volunteers and we are always looking for more help to keep our community the exceptional Gem that it is. How we all manage and contribute to our community makes a huge difference in our Family’s enjoyment and lifestyle and the long term value of our homes.  So, Let us know what interests that you may have for helping with the HOA or joining any of the community clubs.

We look forward hearing from you. See Contact header on this web site.

From CAMS:

Our CAM (Community association management services) experts are here to help you help your community. We work for you, not the other way around. We understand and respect that our role is to assist and advise the community association, under the guidance of the HOA board of directors.

Making decisions that affect you, your friends and neighbors can be difficult – and, at times, complex – but that’s where we come in. Think of us as your support network that can assist with a range of services, all designed with the long-term stability of your association’s vision, focus and values in mind.

At CAMS, under the direction of your HOA Board, we maintain a password protected web site which holds an up to date directory of the HOA members, a record of the emails that we are sending out to you, documents and forms related to the HOA which are informative and useful, and lots more. Find lots more information below and please log in and follow the instructions to create your personal password.

Information and Resources on CAMS Website

Our Porters Neck Plantation HOA contracts with CAMS (Community association management services) to manage all of the day to day business of the association as do many HOA’s across the country and to maintain our directory and important HOA documents. Cams maintains a password-protected website with very helpful information for all of our homeowners which can be found at https://portal.camsmgt.com/Home/Login . If you do not already have your own password, it is easy to create one by following the instructions on the site. https://www.camsmgt.com/new-homeowner

When owners sign into the CAMS portal, they also have options to submit a service request for their property or a common area, to send a general comment or complaint, submit architectural requests, ask billing questions and more.  The submittals route to the CAMS Community Support Team who are generally capable of handling about 90% of these requests.  What they are unable to answer, they direct to the CAMS manager who is specifically responsible for our PNHOA or to a PNHOA board member. Everyone involved is dedicated to answering your requests or complaints as quickly as possible. Remember that CAMS works for us the homeowners so please alert the HOA Board and committee members of any problems. See the confidential Directory.

Have suggestions for improving the website or CAMS services, please let us know.

Information and resources on the password protected CAMS website for Porters Neck Home Owners

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