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Welcome to Porters Neck Plantation Club News page. For specific update and information on each club, please click on the club listed below and open up for more News, updates and information

Social Groups

They play quarterly at the club. Announcements will be made in Club publications.

We meet on the 3rd Wednesday from September through May.  9:30 AM.

Announcements will be made in Club publications.

4th Thursday of Every month, 11:30 AM. Announcements will be made in Club publications.

Held the  2nd Thursday of every month at the Club, 6:30 PM.

Announcements will be made in Club publications.

The PNCC Family Committee has created a private Facebook Group to help keep you informed and communicate with each other more efficiently.  The name of the page is Porters Neck Country Club Family & Junior News.  Once you find the page on Facebook, you will see the option to request for another member to add you.

Every Wednesday Night at 6pm  (Memorial Day to October 31st)   Bocci & Corn Toss, Bring what you want for dinner.  Contact: Tom Jividen:

Contact:  Pallas Adamopoulos, PNCC Director of Private Events    (910)686-8180

Information will be provided upon joining the Club.

2nd AND 4th Wednesdays of the month except Nov/Dec when it’s 1st and 3rd Wednesdays.

Meet in the Members Lounge

Middle aged and senior neighbours talking at a block party
Ariel Shot of Country Club

Tennis & Pickleball Groups

The purpose of the Porters Neck Tennis Association (PNTA) is to promote and improve, in cooperation with the Porters Neck Country Club, tennis in the Porters Neck community; advocate/support improvements in Porters Neck tennis facilities; and afford PNTA members an opportunity to enjoy tennis.  To this end, the PNTA sponsors a number of social and competitive activities for its members.  Ask the Director of Tennis, Allen Farfour, for a PNTA application or for the contact information of the current PNTA President.

PNCC is an active participant in the USTA leagues fielding teams throughout the year. PNCC participates in the spring, mixed, junior, combo and senior league seasons fielding adult and senior teams from the 2.5 – 4.0 levels. PNCC competes in the Southeast tennis section of the state. For more information please see Allen at the Sports Center or contact him at

An invitation to join the Pickleball Association will be provided upon joining the Club.  PNCC offers weekly play at the Club, as well as league play and tournaments with other Clubs.

Men’s Golf Groups

The purpose of the Men’s Golf Association (MGAis to promote, organize and direct golfing events for the pleasure of its members. The MGA is open to all men 18 years or older holding a full membership in the Porters Neck Country Club.  In addition to a wide variety of golf tournaments and socials throughout the year, the MGA play every Wednesday. Ask the Head Golf Professional, Robert Loper, about an MGA application or for the contact information of the current MGA President.

  • Kopec Saturday Morning Group: Saturday Morning, 10:10- 11:00ish 
  • Ferko Group:  Tuesday, 11am – 12 Noon
  • Crysler Group:  Friday, 8am – 9am
  • Nooners:  Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday, Noon
  • Young Professionals:  Fridays at 5:00 PM
Golf equipment bag standing on a course.
silhouette golfer playing golf during beautiful sunset

Women’s Golf Groups

The purpose of the Ladies Golf Association(LGA) is to promote, organize and direct golfing events for the pleasure and social interaction of its members. The LGA is open to all ladies 18 years and older holding a full club membership wishing to play 18 or 9 holes. Ladies with a USGA handicap of 40 and below are eligible for the 18-hole group; ladies with a handicap of over 40, or who have not yet established a handicap, may join the 9-hole group.  Each Tuesday during the season, an event is held using varying formats, including: individual, two and four-person formats. Sign up on-line or with the Pro Shop by 11am on the Sunday prior to the Tuesday’s event. The format for each event will be announced via email the week prior to each event. After the regular season ends, the Pro Shop will set aside Tuesday morning tee times for LGA members wishing to create their own foursomes.  There are a variety of special tournament events held throughout the year, including: a Spring Handicap, Member-Member, Pink Ribbon and invitational events with other clubs. Events are open to all LGA members. Events are publicized via posters, e-mails, and the PNCC website prior to each event. Tournaments are typically followed by a luncheon with an LGA member
meeting as needed.  Ask the Head Golf Professional, Robert Loper, about an LGA application or for the contact information of the current LGA President.

Please see the Golf Pro Shop staff for more details.

The PNCC Chicks with Sticks exists to promote a warm, welcoming, non-stressful and relaxed atmosphere in which Ladies who have not played golf before or who are returning to the game after a long absence, can learn or relearn to play while enjoying the advice and camaraderie of this friendly group.